Love Compels


Love compels us to be loving, generous, kind and compassionate towards one another. God lines up divine connections to promote you in life. He uses strangers, and even your enemies to bless you.  You will notice that some will be good to you, encourage you and push you forward, while there will also be some giants like  Goliath , people who try to impede your progress, and we end up facing injustice.

Are we allowing ourselves to be discouraged by the situation and be ruled by hatred or does the Love of God help us to overcome the challenges. God loves us so much that He gave man, the liberty to make their own choices in the situations.  But it’s the choice that we make, to either succumb to our situations or stand firm in love. Remember, the opposition is not there to stop you; it is there to establish you!

Believing in the love of God which helps us to overcome the Giants of injustice, Gods  love has compelled Communities to stand up and speak for the beautiful creation mankind.

Through the regular capacity building programs with the rural groups , which  I  has been involved in  towards the protection, rescue and rehabilitation of the trafficking children.

Gods  love compelled me to be an instrument in saving the lives of six victims from a brick kiln factory. The team identified the area where trafficking of bonded labour was taking place and i  along with my  team kept visiting the brick kiln factory and found out that there were six children who were trafficked to work in this factory. The  team and the local police were able to rescue the children.

Vinod (name changed), a seven year old boy from Haripur village in Katihar is one among the rescued, and during the rehabilitation process, we got to know that  parents  along with his uncle had sold him to the owner of the brick kiln factory for a mere five hundred rupees.

The trauma, of being sold by his parents was heart-breaking for the little boy and the counselling is helping him to overcome his pain and the word of God and His love is bringing healing and restoration to his internal wounds.

The love of God compels us to be compassionate and therefore, one of the community  member, of the village has been considerate to support the education of Vinod. This demonstration of love has kindled optimism in Vinod’s heart, and not allowing the feeling of hopelessness to set in despite the trauma of being sold by his own family.

The local community were encouraged by our engagement in saving the lives of the children and addressing to their needs with love and compassion.

 By demonstrating  love, we were able to show people how can we step forward in  transforming live and standing up against injustice, simply showing love for one another by being involved in “Gifting Dreams”, so that the oppressed and the marginalized can say that, “we were deprived, but now we are cared for”, which in turn results in social justice, righteousness and economic prosperity.  By doing this, most importantly, we are not allowing the Giants of injustice around us from stopping to love one another.

We have walked a long way but we still have miles to go, therefore let’s start with ourselves by loving the people around us as we encounter to turn the world into a ‘just’ world.

Aashima Samuel is a lawyer and involved with issues of Children at Risk.

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