I can’t breathe

woman-holding-a-sign-in-protest-4613880 (2)

“I can’t breathe”, anymore!

there is so much my silence will speak,

even when you choke me till my end,


I wonder your blindness,

you don’t see me beyond my colour,

my blood, under my skin,

smells as radiant as yours,


I long to belong,

accepted in my own skin!

couldn’t we all just coexist?

my colour speaks to you,

Let me breathe!

By Shally Munjal Dass

Shally is a passionate small-town woman with big dreams. She is very fond of poetry and sewing. She dreams to empower women at risk, so that they can live a life of freedom and independence. Through her poetry, Shally seeks to be a voice for the voiceless such as their silence do not go unheard.

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