Scared by humanity

Marked for life

Is there freedom

From this a pit

So dark and deep


Trouble on all sides

None that can be trusted

Where am I to find

True love that’s been promised


Dark nights rule my days

I find no difference

In living or dying


But for love

That came through

This light in the darkness

This hope amidst the misery

This beauty in such filth


Freedom is my heart’s song

Lost in the cares of life

But for the few who tirelessly seek

To free me from these chains


The smell of freedom in the air

I know it’s coming

There’s no room for despair.


I live this day

In the hope of tomorrow

As sure as the sun rises each day

My freedom lies within

Never to be take away!!


So though men do as they please

I choose to live in this truth

That my life is still beautiful

I am free

Chains ain’t got no hold on me!!

By Bernadette Tannen

Bernadette Tannen is A poet in the making,  an outcome of the lockdown. One who loves singing and driving and whose origins are from Nagaland. Had a beautiful experience working with a few NGOs in Bangalore in the field of moral education for children in schools and is currently working with SwissRe.

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