Abstract vs Counterfeit Reality

Like a quite bubble floating on a sea of noise, swaddled in daunting waves, that submerges everything with it.

While the bible of the nation- Indian Constitution, talks about ‘Scientific Temper’ – an attitude of logical and rational thinking, under Article 51A. An individual is said to possess scientific temper when they * search for new bodies of knowledge * doesn’t rely on preconceived notions in lieu of observational evidence *doesn’t accept anything without proof * has the ability to change one’s stand in the light of new evidences.

The connotation in it’s academic sense ventures far away from what’s on the surface- the deeply embedded practice in it’s traditional narrative. While the only thing building from this debris is a new facade of insensitivity, one needs to remain lucid to the bitter ends.

The tremendous cry of one’s faith, ostensible truth, doubts, assertion of dominance against the hushed silence is the most terrifying proof of their abandonment of the painful sight in their earthly condition has slowly crystallized hope for another worldly salvation, like unuttered knowledge.
Bits and pieces of crazy conglomeration of shapes, sizes and colours put together, in the name of just and fair practices, in a household, an industry, in a society and on a global portal.

So many crossroads, so many choices, yet people opt to rush across in a frenzy. To sell fiction, in the name of truth. A devious kind of honesty game. The world is not upside down but different. It’s a guerilla warfare. One that is glory to the eye, is weariness to trudge for another.

A make-shift arrangement becomes redundant to align the lines and status quo needs to be challenged. Integrity, wisdom, prudence, truthfulness, trustworthiness, tolerance, justice and temperance is influenced by Media regulators, Godmen or mystics and traditional fundamentalism.
A sensitive and interactive component since childhood and training to be able to think rationally and make informed choices in life should be created overtime to navigate the treacherous waters rather than selling the traditional approach of throwing pungent barbs which leads to easy manipulation by others, mitigates civic sense and elevate barbaric practices due to insensitivity.

I believe, insentivity is the root cause of every problem and mindset is the solution. Deep in my heart, I’d cherish the near and the far would meet. One day, the reality will be vigorous enough in breadth and stride to capture the promise of the abstract horizon. Deep in my heart, like that of the Constitution makers, I’d cherish the near and the far would meet. One day, the reality will be vigorous enough in breadth and stride to capture the promise of the abstract horizon.

By Nidhi

Brazening it out whilst lawyering and incessantly evolving.


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