The Greater Pandemic than the Covid-19

Hearts were expectant as the Covid-19 pandemic was going to be ‘the era of history’ that never occurred nor would likely recur. The onset of the Covid-19 was a dream come true for many homes, despite the distress in its trail. Families could have deeper bonding, intimacy and quality time of togetherness; which was earlier only finitely possible.

However, the mandated lockdown brought the aftermath of the ruthless pandemic in family lives that was least predicted. The quarantine period, which many would have believed was to be a greater time of oneness and understanding in families, was rather witnessing more marriages soar and sour with abuse and violence. In the midst of the pandemic not only lives were left helpless but also relationships bruised.

Home is a place that is aspired by women to be a sanctuary and epitome of love, happiness and safety, but has tragically turned to a place of fear, insanity and peril. A malefactor often falters in the acts of commission (abuse, insults, humiliation, treats weaker and lower), and the sins of omission (lack of love, desertion, abandonment, financial denial, etc)

Now! Where is the issue? What is the trigger? Is it the Patriarchal status quo, Gender Inequality, Dependency, Infidelity, Lack of Intimacy, Trust or Bonding playing its card? The presence of violence against vulnerability has been seen in almost all the phases of life right from pre-birth abortions to infancy & childhood to adolescence and womanhood with abuse at all forms – physical, verbal, emotional and economical forms.

Relationships which once had the essence of love and happiness have descended to hatred, doubt, pain, and regret.  They have turned to be combative, toxic, negative, draining energy, and falling apart with higher divorce ratios. There has been a disturbing rise in domestic violence and abuse across countries that the pandemic has witnessed greatly. The Covid-19 has been a catalyst adversely effecting marital relationships. It has amplified marital conflicts to a greater degree in such distressful times. External sources also inadvertently roused deeper struggles in relationships, leading to further abuse and domestic violence.

Abuse can be lashed and justice showered on victims and survivors by effectual intervention that curbs the ill-will in nations. It’s not just the Governments, NGOs or Shelter Homes should stand against abuse but even an individual can reach out to a single soul to ensure the sanctity of life is maintained to create a positive impact and enable survival.

The epidemic of abuse has prevailed over years and the Covid-19 has just caused a surge; it may pass and we need to assuredly see that the greater pandemic in relationships are treated so that there is fullness to life by ensuring every evil in the greatest or smallest forms are curbed and eradicated for better living with completeness.

Every Soul matters, I think we shouldn’t be ignorant to the evils rather support genuinely in the least ways possible for optimum living free from mediocrity and evils.

By Mercy Magdaline

Mercy Magdaline, is zealous in ensuring justice is found within the cocoon of injustice. She delves in empowering the oppressed and abused to reach their potential beyond the stigmas, sufferings, trauma, failures, etc. She is into counselling and equipping women out of physical, emotional, sexual abuses for a life that transcends their past. She is also an ardent writer (extensively a Christian-writer) by passion and vocation.

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