anatomy of a heartbreak

heartbreak – ubiquitous experience and yet, the one least spoken about. from a broken favourite toy, or a classmate having the superman pencil you can’t have, to a betrayal in a relationship the death of hope itself or the injustice we witness to self and others, heartbreak is simply the breaking of the heart. and perhaps it is an affirmation that there still is a heart, that can be broken 

anatomy of a heartbreak

for starters, let’s say
there’s no one size which fits all.
heartbreak is made-to-order
customized with laudable precision
to be delivered when
least expected.
truth to tell,  there’s a frenzy of wondering where
the couturier’s summary of your vitalstatistics came from:
the bare curves of vulnerability,
the much-to-be-desired breadth of resistance
the steely length of fortitude
the far too fragile limbs of reason and rationale…
each geography carefully mapped
to fit as smoothly as second skin.

of the curt two-syllabled word
heartbreak: as if it is one clean cut,
a sanitary affair in a sterile OT
instead of an endless succession of bloody
explosions, spattering chunks of selves
and senses into a silently waiting cosmos.
truth to tell, there’s a fever of wondering how
language is so insolent, presuming to paint
the unclinched waistline of grief
the feline shoulders of flightlessness
the nodes of numbing paroxysms…
with just one rising chorus of personal pronouns
this heartbreak is yours alone, yours alone, yours alone.

By Prashanti Mikayla

Prashanti has described herself as a lover of words and the art of communication since she was in the 7th standard. She believes in the unmapped power words have to transform thought, intent, action, destiny and uses her passion, experience and education to contribute to the development sector.  She blogs and employs social media extensively as the proverbial pebble, to create the ripple of change that breaks through the inertia and angst of the milieu we live in

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