Privilege – The Eradicator of Injustice

A meal of deliciousness for my belly. The shelter of a safe home.

The comfort when I’m tucked in my bed. A gorgeously designed outfit.

The love of a relationship.

The fresh water that quenches my thirst. An environment of my life.

In the contrary world,

It is a leftover meal that satisfies them. An unnoticed covering for their heads. A torn spread to keep them warm.

A wrap of cloth to protect themselves. The pain of loneliness.

The swallow of impurities for the dryness. The condition of their life.

Privilege is a gift not everyone receives, they say. Well, it is a thought of shared experiences which leads to giving. We live in a place which is greedy for money, lust and fame. When we run such a race, we tend to forget the important destination: humanity. This could be carried with a small thought of selfishness. We are all greedy, wanting the best for ourselves. We do not have a single moment to think for the ones who do not have what we do. At times even the thought of gratitude never passes by.

Many of us have the capability to provide for the ones in need but we fail to do so. We never really know the struggle of not having a meal because we are used to not eating what we don’t like.

In law, this is not punishable. But morally, it is. We never see how they work and never get paid the best. We never hear the stories of not being provided with anything. We never feel the pain and agony they have to live this life. We will never fit into those shoes.

It is injustice, that we get paid higher just because we are educated and they don’t cause they can’t afford it. It is injustice, that we get to eat fancy meals but they don’t have a nutritious one. It is injustice that we sleep with security for tomorrow and them with no providence for today.

Tears, scars, pain, agony is where their hearts lie. You are able to meet your needs, wants and desires. It is not the same. Their needs are hardly met. We will never be able to put ourselves into those shoes because we have them, they don’t. We might just read this and leave with a tinge of empathy in our hearts, but it’s about what we care to do.

The thoughts of what you could, might wander. Just pause and ponder of that unnecessary expense you paid last week, the amount of food that is shoved down the dustbin, the clothes you piled up to throw away, the gallons of water you let go to feel the pleasure, the consumed electricity due to a forgetful behaviour. Small, simple but matters. This is privilege.

If you and I did not have this thought, who cares for it? Nobody. When someone helped you in your dire need, it is your turn to give it back. They never knew what they were born or forced into. They know that, life is unfair. It is, for them. The expectation of a life-changing moment, the need of satisfaction, the desire for a breakthrough is milestones in their destination. We were born achieving these milestones. They don’t want to live the way they are, but it is unfair for them to do so. They deserve to be like us.

Being grateful is an understatement. The fact that you have a device to read this blog, is a blessing. Remain thoughtful with a tiny deed or a great action. We forget that young children die without meals for weeks or months. Make that step today, feed someone, provide for someone and it shall be returned.

When you see the happiness in those eyelids for a favour by you, there is no satisfaction you’d find better than that. Those brightened teeth will light your day. Their blessings will add many more to you. The impact you leave behind is a gesture that changed a day in their lives. Give in small, receive in big. A small part of your day, a prayer to say, for their hearts not to be given away, a simple price to pay

By Karen Sheryl Sandhy

Karen predominantly known as Kathy portrays herself significantly through her choice of words. Her pieces of writing exemplify her first and foremost priority in life and that is her spiritual journey. Every work she puts out has a piece of her she sows in. She is an avid lover of cinema and especially what goes behind it. The cinematography, the production and what not. So much so that she is one herself having assisted in films. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Journalism, Psychology and Computer Science in hopes of gaining more knowledge and experience in those fields in order to pragmatically implement everything she is learning.

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