Imagine Butterflies

(Written from the perspective of a child who has experienced abuse)

I close my eyes and imagine butterflies 

As you ravage my fragile frame

My beautiful colors weep and seep out, splattered across the canvas  

In the pull and push of your dirty desire.

My tiny hands struggle and writhe 

Trying to shake away the demon that breathes fire on my neck

The grey engraves its name and mocks my bright extravagant colors

My back too fragile to bear the weight of your sin as your grasp tears my intricate wings

They bleed till all that’s left is darkness and hollow hope

As I sit in my lightless abyss, tattered, broken and begging for redemption 

I wonder if you ever close your eyes and imagine butterflies 

Can you imagine me when I was being fearfully and wonderfully made?

Can you imagine my perfect cherubic face?

Can you imagine my sacred body made with rainbows, colors and the sweetest melodies? 

Can you imagine the fire of His wrath? 

The fury of His retribution

And then… my furrowed brows give way to laughter

And I sleep to His euphonious singing in a cocoon of clouds because 

I know as surely as my God lives

There will be a day when you will close your eyes and try to imagine butterflies 

But all you will see are moths of destruction and evanescent light

Because butterflies, colors and justice are reserved for tiny angels

whose God always answers.

By Rebecca Edwin

Rebecca is a senior manager for an US bank. A feminist and a seeker of the promised abundant life . She is very interested in traveling the world, music and writing. Rebecca also believes that kindness, compassion and bold love can change the world especially for children and animals.

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