When a woman is told “No”

“Shhh! Keep quiet”, said her mother.

“Shhh! Keep it low”, said her teacher.

“Shhh! Women don’t need to speak for such matters”, said her husband. 

No one listened. No one heard.

No one knew her resounding word. 

It rang in her head over and over again.

She tried to say it, she tried to string her notions to words, yet each time she was hushed to silence.

“Shhh! Keep quiet”, she heard. Over and over again. 

Will it ever be the right time?

Will her thoughts ever be uttered?

Will her voice ever reach another ear? 

You do realise she’s very intelligent, don’t you?

You do realise you educated her, don’t you?

You do realise she makes your house a home, don’t you? 

Then why the hushing? Why the fear? Are you afraid that if she speaks, she will rule? 

Are you hiding your insecurities by speaking over her voice? Or are you just playing your part in this ever patriarchal society? 

Let her speak, let her be heard. She means no harm. She means no hate. She will make you proud.

She will bring home the Olympic medal.

She will be the entrepreneur you dreamed of.

She will become your knight in shining armour. 

She WILL. 

Just….let her speak. 

By Wanica Ruth

Wanica is a Bangalorean who loves good food and spontaneous adventure. She has completed her MBA (Finance) and now working in Kolkata for Central Government Health Scheme. ‘Be faithful in little things’, is what she strives to achieve and live by. Writing has always been something she wanted to do and now she writes short reads.

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