I am more than what you see

Definitely more than what you seek

I am more than just a mother

Or the caretaker of my OCD stricken brother

I am more than a caring daughter

And more than a contributing partner

I am more than a puppet who you wish would fit in the mould

And I shall fight to not be Barbied, till I am grey and old!

If you say that I am an equal, then why is my career a hobby to you?

Do you even care what I do for a living, or it is a floppy to you, redundant

Would you celebrate me if I said I am a hard-working employee?

Or is it less than gaining the virtue of round roties?

Would you hold your head up high, if I said that I am a kind and driven boss

Or is it useless to you since I don’t change all my baby’ s nappies?

Ma, don’t put me back into what you have been put through

We can break the glass ceilings – for that I am with you.

By Priyanka Rawat

Priyanka Rawat has been working in the Development sector for the past 1 decade. She is eager to learn and engage with the issues affecting women of India eventually strengthening her capability to bring in substantial changes in the country. Priyanka is deeply passionate about creative expressions and often creates from her personal experiences be it art, or writing.

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