Victims do not stay in a relationship of domestic violence because they want to or choose to. Statistics say that 95% women experience domestic violence. The severity and frequency of this abuse or the trauma caused by the attacker very often increases and suicide could become the potential outcome in such situations. The trauma affects the victim not just physically but mentally as well.


They say, “Home is where the heart is.” But for some, is it really?

Why has it been so tough, so confusing and so hard to breathe?

Am I not at home?

There’s darkness everywhere. I want home. There’s a fear in me that I can’t face.

But I need to buckle up, don’t I?

Smile, pretend to be in a whole other world. How far does that go?

I can’t do this anymore. Can I succumb to my weakness? Can I stand strong to face my giant?

I want home.

There’s a space, an unexplainable pain behind the smile.

Does my husband understand? No, I was sent here for a price.

When they said, “There’s a price to pay.” I did not know the package included me.

I want home.

I think I have reached the pinnacle of all lies, manipulation, rejection, hate, compromises, sacrifices, abuses amidst the endless times I stood up to fight.

Please explain, I doubt my very existence. Was my education, my career, my father’s masterpiece all in vain?

I want to go home to feel loved, not judged and not hurt. I want to be my father’s little princess again.

Is that possible?

Yours truly,

The unheard pain of a married woman

We have been hearing or pretending to hear about all the domestic violence happening around us. We could be one of them. What are we doing about it? Are we still going to pretend this is okay, or build the confidence of the victim that the world can be a better place?

Whose side are you on? What do you want them to know? I want them to know they are warriors, survivors and achievers. 

By Shallon Sherly

Sherly is an amateur writer, she loves creative writing, traveling and doing a lot of craft work. Her passion is to spend a lot of time with children and teenagers understanding life from their point of view. She believes that every child is talented and deserves to be treated the same, what we sow is what we reap.

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