Embrace. Admire. Preserve

This art work was the result of an online art residency that was conducted in collaboration with ADF under their initiative called save_our_vanishinggirls

Art created by Bernard Cargay cargayb

The message of my artwork is focused on countering ‘Fear’ with ‘Love’. When our hearts and minds are ruled with ‘Fear’ the outcome always results in an ‘Oppressive act’.
I imagine that at the core to counter this issue we need to begin by acting on those small voices of conviction that arise out of ‘Love’!

Title: Embrace

Description: ‘Be Still’ and know that she is yours… The resilience of a mother within her that is fueled by ‘love’ is far more powerful than the forces that are fueled by fear!

Title: Admire

Description: She is made in God’s Image; affirm the beauty that she brings into this world

Title: Preserve

Description: What shall we do to make her visible?

By Bernard Cargay

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