Person sitting quietly on the edge of a dock watching the sunset

Writer became finer than Carver

Thinker higher than Doer

And Speaker more than Thinker

Stories that salaries tell

The Great one gave a piece of Self to All 

You are All equal, unique and precious

This Piece Holder and That Piece Holder…still racing to hell

9to5 pays, more work more pay

Those making lunch boxes

Take heart, you will be paid in victory speeches

I recall, in class, the City folk spoke out, having read all they had

Village folk were quieter, with stories lived

Some though, live by hard-work and merit alone,


Clan’s name on the back of the car

O young one, the hard season will change

O elder, you did the best you could…

Becoming one, can take a lifetime

Building faith… takes a lifetime

Rami once said- “you know what’s right, don’t you? but  it will cost you. 

Will you pay the price?”

By P

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