Statistics point to a significant (and horrifying) rise of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) during the past two years since the outbreak of the pandemic. Isolated, and often locked indoors with the perpetrators (who are more often than not family or close relatives) children have had no access to help or escape. The responsibility and onus to prevent this heinous atrocity on our children rests with each one of us.

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Allure her trust
(Then surprise dagger thrust!)
Infidel apologues begin.
Little hand and palm
(Will she rend the brazen calm?)
Stoke the perverse pleasure.
Enter her soul
(Where’s the damn hole?)
Through to the other side.
Fondle her heart
(Was she sweet or slightly tart?)
Tryst with beguiled veritas.
Stifle her screams
(Does she have dreams?)
Let the silence drip blood.
Plan a new game
(Did she know it when I came?)
Maze in a diabolical maze.
Prey on her bloom
(Was it a cradle or a tomb?)
Breed and feed unholy hunger.
Slam the door
(Hemorrhaged soul-globs on the floor)
Begin your life on the debris of hers.

By Prashanti Mikayla

Prashanti has described herself as a lover of words and the art of communication since she was in the 7th standard. She believes in the unmapped power words have to transform thought, intent, action, destiny and uses her passion, experience and education to contribute to the development sector.  She blogs and employs social media extensively as the proverbial pebble, to create the ripple of change that breaks through the inertia and angst of the milieu we live in.

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