“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

In 1932, through the Poona Pact D. B.R Ambedkar first established act of “reservation” that granted separate electorates for the minorities and depressed social classes. Along with the steadfast justice that this move offered came all the doubts and misinformation that will follow every act of social justice through the years. ‘Reservation’ has extended to jobs and education in the years proceeding in the hopes of providing an equal platform for the repressed communities. The goal was always executive representation, i.e., there should be equal representation of all communities however disadvantaged in the places of power where significant decisions are made.

The years that have passed have altered the outlook people have on the act. A move that offers justice to the systematically oppressed is now contentiously criticized even by the people who benefit from it. It is now somehow seen as an unworthy advantage to a particular part of the society. This is a farce. A lie that is force fed to us. As people with knowledge at our disposal, it is our duty to unearth the truth and to never spread or adhere to falsehood.

The motive of reservation is to establish a path that will lead all the repressed communities to a society with equality. 80 years have passed since the first act of ‘reservation of social justice’, yet the vision of Ambedkar has to fruition. To really bring the goal to life the least we can do is to educate ourselves regarding the vanguard act of the architect of the nation. The societal and the emotional importance of understanding the burdens that weigh on the shoulders of o ur fellow countrymen is paramount.

The ignorance and half knowledge are enemies of progress. Considering the examples of USA where racism is a a plaguing issue, the first tool they have taken up is education. Informing people of the struggles of the oppressed and how the reparations that are in place will help them is the first step. However, this is not without backlash. It is often met with prejudice and bigotry. Since, the goal is imminent and there are a growing number of people who are open to understand to look at the lives of who were subjugated in the past. These kinds of people are here in our country too. Those who are ready to empathize with the struggles of others and to readily defend the rights of the repressed. They only require the direction of education.

There are various ways one can continue to enlighten oneself on the issues. Along the years have been several social reforms that have strengthened our society. Looking at the reforms, the reason and the demographic it benefits and to find if the reform has reached its goal.

It is of utmost importance that we understand that this is highly preliminary. All the steps that follow must come from the primary understanding that Centrist ideologies will not drive social evils like Casteism. We must educate ourselves on the reparations offered and to truly understand it, we must look at the factual data about it. It will help us truly cement the fact that “Reservation is Social justice”

By Indu S Manoharan

I am a software engineer who fell in love with the written word very young. They have always held my fancy and now serve as a way to express my thoughts. I love reading various works of fiction and understanding the ways even imaginary worlds help us pull together in the real one. 

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