Life on Earth

A call to fasten the lazy leaden steps –
That claims to starve the plummeting glut of mankind,
Oh foolish little earth child, we ain’t doing enough.
If we did a little more, things would be different, but tis what I now see.

Sun glows behind the ashen clouds, peonies covered in dripping mist. Cuckoos call, fawns drink, bees buzz along the forest trees.
Velvet of fern dapples the ground, grassland in recluse, standing tall.
So gleeful, all just to see rows of trees felled and carried away.

Freezing snow, ice floe, melting pristine streams..
Snowbirds joyfully flap their crystalized wings,
Black bust waters with crusted boughs, creaking through the rocks.
So gay, all just to hear frogs croak, fishes swim and crabs crawl on plastic tum.

Oceans, marshes, mangroves, did purge themselves each day.
But, Scorching and searing anything that pleased, man went by obdurate.
Earth adjures “Let me be, let me leave a trace”.
We dint hear it, not you, not me.
Now, not anymore, not anyone, let me for once let the earth leave a trace.

By Blessing Isaiah

Blessing is a Civil engineer by profession and a spatial data enthusiast. She enjoys writing and is a blogger at Bread For Soul. For the past five years she has freelanced content creation for several technical and non technical newsletters. In her free time she likes to engage in gardening. Her heart is at volunteering for meaningful causes.

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