Our privileges are not everyone’s

I haven’t been able to pen my thoughts in a long while after experiencing loss and I just fell short of words. My friend had asked me to write a piece on “Child labour,” and while it didn’t stir me up to write about it immediately, I just looked up some of my childhood pictures and something stirred up within me to express my thoughts.

As a child, I loved playing hide and seek with my neighbors and cousins. We would play charades with the family, watch cartoons, or wonder if all our dads could be like Bob Saget aka Danny while watching “Full House” every evening.

A lot of us would have many such fond memories or even have a show, a snack, a silly made up game or something very trivial that reminds us of our childhood and brings a big ear to ear smile on our face.

How many children out there experience this kind of warmth? How many get to live under a roof with warm pots of food and cozy beds with blankets and quilts to warm up those cold toes during winters or have their favourite flavoured ice popsicles, have ceiling fans blown at full speed with crisp cotton bed linen during summers? These are privileges some of us have that we do not really pay heed to or are grateful for.

Some children need to grow up quicker than others. They do not have the privilege to fake a stomach pain to miss going to school or fake feeling nauseous to skip veggies. They become breadwinners at very early stages that they do not even know the meaning of a normal childhood. Washing dishes, carrying heavy material at construction sites, cleaning tables at restaurants, sweeping and mopping dirty floors, and so many other things of the like is their childhood. This very thought is quite baffling that there is a chasm between them and my childhood.

We can sit from a distance and look at these children and sympathise, but how many of us can go one step further and talk to the employers, support those children to study financially and stand for atleast one child?

It’s not easy but it can really bring back one’s childhood. This past week my husband and I fell really ill and we are gifted to work for a company and have a team and leaders that support us during this time. I kept thinking about all those kids who work through their sickness just to earn their daily wage.

I hope this write up stirred up a part of you that makes you think just like it made me. Something that we fail to be grateful for are these kind of privileges that are luxuries for others. Always remember our privileges are not everyone’s.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely, positive, healthy and joyous day ahead.

By Samantha Hawkes

Samantha has been writing for a couple of years. She believes simplicity would reach farther more than complexity. She loves to meet new people, read and write all about her life experiences.

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