Abuse of Women 

Abuse of Women is a serious crime. While there have been a lot of cases which have come up to the court, the most recent and famous case was that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. While we do not know all the nitty-gritties of the case, the court which was handling the case has ruled that both of them were responsible in some way or the other, but the case was tilted more favourably towards Depp. 

Women have been abused for centuries and there seems to be no full stop to it. We have seen so many instances even in our nation, where women are worshipped as Shakthi or God and deities. We even adore them with the title “Creator” because without them, there is no Jananam or Birth. 

But what happened some time ago in Kerala? A famous actress was kidnapped and gang raped inside the care at the behest of another actor. The case has been prolonged till date since this has the involvement of many celebrities. Imagine the trauma which that actress has gone through! Apart from being physically abused, this barbaric act was even video graphed by the culprits which has made a round among the close connections of the person who masterminded it. Thankfully, it did not make it to social media.

If you ask me, I would consider photographing or video graphing the girl/woman without their knowledge or permission should also be considered an abuse because invariably these were used to satisfy the lust of the men who can even use it to blackmail the affected person.

I was shocked when I saw the news of a 17-year-old girl who had been to a pub along with her friends, a couple of days ago, who was abused inside an expensive car. What was even more appalling is the news channels highlighting the car and showing the vehicle as it is. 

Where are we headed to? 

What are we trying to achieve through this?

There are some strong laws available in our Indian Penal Code but many of the times, the culprits escape through the loopholes. For instance, in the above-mentioned case, a couple of them who were involved in abusing the girl were minors. The maximum we can expect is that they would be sent to the Minor/Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre. 

We have various Women Right Wings functioning in the country. They come to limelight only during the occurrence of some event and disappear in air, post that.

Can this be avoided?

Yes, but there is a catch. “Unless a culprit decides to change, no one can change it”. I believe the sensitization should start right from childhood. Education should be imparted in a way which encourages a wholistic and respectful attitude towards women and prevents a unidimensional sexual lens all the time. We should also act strictly on those who take the freedom for granted and become serial abusers. There should not be any mercy shown to these culprits who for their momentary satisfaction wreck the life of the unsuspecting woman/girl for life.

I hope this article was helpful to you in some way or the other.

By Sarath Babu S

Author of this article is Sarath Babu S and he writes on topics related to social issues. You can reach out to him through DM on his Instagram page. He is also an MBA and MCA Graduate and holds an honorary doctorate; a Melwin Jones Fellow and Fellow of United Writers Association of India. Having worked with top notch brands, he is presently pursuing his career as an independent digital marketer where he has helped 100’s of brands to leverage on social media platforms since 2012. Sarath is also one of the top books and restaurant reviewers in India.

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