Dear Society ! Yours Sincerely, Fat Girl…!!

‘Your thighs are big, have you tried running’, ‘Your arms are huge!!’, ‘Should you wear that short dress?’, ‘Perhaps eat less, try eating chapatis it will help you lose weight, ‘Try lemon water with honey?’, ‘ Please exercise or walk and see how quickly you’ll lose your weight.’ These sentences may seem like simple statements … More Dear Society ! Yours Sincerely, Fat Girl…!!


The meaning of the word is strong. But what does it mean to be equal to someone? It just means being the same in value and status. These thoughts were triggered with a simple message forwarded to me about Sudha Murthy, whom I consider a woman of humility. She was questioned about equality by her son … More Equality

Was This The Cost

We’ll be choked right from the start or they’ll just play with our heart they’ll lock us up or lock us in they’ll attack us for showing our skin our gender will pull us down for which we’ll always have a frown. we’ll hide ourselves all the time we’ll be blamed for every crime in … More Was This The Cost