Just let her be.

She is pink, she is pale,He is rich, he is hale,Grooms and bridegrooms –Are for sale. Bed, almira, fridge, car,Forty once, fifty thrice,He was sold nicely priced. Years passed, tortured for more,T’was not love, mere greed.Soul butchered, there she lay. Customs, traditions, relatives didn’t save,A transaction indenture left,Burning brides, dying parents’ pride. Trauma, depression, suicide,Are … More Just let her be.

Animal Testing

Why it is an injustice and should be stopped. Trigger warning – Abuse, explicit What is animal testing? Animal testing refers to the procedures performed on living animals for the purpose of research into basic biology. It seeks to gather more information on a particular species and add to the current scientific knowledge. Animal testing … More Animal Testing

Child Abuse – Why is it happening and ways to prevent it

Kids are the most revered beings in this world. Parents struggle hard to ensure that their kid’s lead a cosy life. They take all the pain to see the smile in the kid’s face. They guide them from Day 1 of their arrival in this world. To some extent, they ensure that they are with … More Child Abuse – Why is it happening and ways to prevent it