“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

In 1932, through the Poona Pact D. B.R Ambedkar first established act of “reservation” that granted separate electorates for the minorities and depressed social classes. Along with the steadfast justice that this move offered came all the doubts and misinformation that will follow every act of social justice through the years. ‘Reservation’ has extended to … More “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

It’s different now.

It’s different now. As we grow, our minds start becoming more receptive to the world around us. We tend to change how we look around. Every person starts to look different, every character seems new. Behaviors which earlier seemed to be slights, now appear to be meditated actions. The mind starts taking its turns and … More It’s different now.

Fixing The Roots

Spots, yellowing, white mold, and mildew are usually signs that your plant needs some care. These external symptoms indicate that the roots are affected and need care. This is when alarm bells start ringing for every plant parent. The heavily invested will go to great lengths to ensure that their plant recovers. Others will look … More Fixing The Roots

Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being

POV: I’m at your home, and I look around. Everything seems great; surrounded by loved ones, easy access to things I need, comfortable in my space, unbothered and content.  POV: I step outside, within my block. Pleased with my neighborhood, friends like family, amicable acquaintances, weather seems perfect and no qualms, whatsoever. POV: I have … More Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being


Statistics point to a significant (and horrifying) rise of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) during the past two years since the outbreak of the pandemic. Isolated, and often locked indoors with the perpetrators (who are more often than not family or close relatives) children have had no access to help or escape. The responsibility and onus … More Veritas