…And then, Justice for all!

Somewhere, rather recently, in a farm-based rural district of India, the social forestry department planted ‘saplings’ on a piece of land in an afforestation effort. The department obviously sought to rework a perhaps profoundly uncertain ecological imbalance. Yet, a few days later, a group of angered marginalized SC men and women, uprooted these saplings contesting … More …And then, Justice for all!

Blood in your mouth

If you are a foodie and love Indian street food, here is a simple trivia “What is poked, dipped and served, that is crunched, slurped and munched?” If you answered “Paani Puri”, you are right! ………Good going. Now, let me ask you another question – What are the various flavors in which this dish is … More Blood in your mouth


Scared by humanity Marked for life Is there freedom From this a pit So dark and deep   Trouble on all sides None that can be trusted Where am I to find True love that’s been promised   Dark nights rule my days I find no difference In living or dying   But for love … More Beauty

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe”, anymore! there is so much my silence will speak, even when you choke me till my end,   I wonder your blindness, you don’t see me beyond my colour, my blood, under my skin, smells as radiant as yours,   I long to belong, accepted in my own skin! couldn’t we all … More I can’t breathe

A Hope for Justice

As a species, we have lost our sense of justice. The first time I read about kids folded, taped up and shipped in tiny containers to international locations, on a journey spanning weeks, I lost my appetite. Because how can we continue on with our lives when millions of people just like us are being … More A Hope for Justice