Dear Society ! Yours Sincerely, Fat Girl…!!

‘Your thighs are big, have you tried running’, ‘Your arms are huge!!’, ‘Should you wear that short dress?’, ‘Perhaps eat less, try eating chapatis it will help you lose weight, ‘Try lemon water with honey?’, ‘ Please exercise or walk and see how quickly you’ll lose your weight.’ These sentences may seem like simple statements … More Dear Society ! Yours Sincerely, Fat Girl…!!

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe”, anymore! there is so much my silence will speak, even when you choke me till my end,   I wonder your blindness, you don’t see me beyond my colour, my blood, under my skin, smells as radiant as yours,   I long to belong, accepted in my own skin! couldn’t we all … More I can’t breathe