Hitting A Child Is Disrespecting A Child

(TW: Child abuse, domestic violence) We offer so much consideration and understanding to adults. We accept that they make mistakes. We say that teachers and parents are not perfect and they’re trying their best. Yet, when it comes to children, who due to their barely developed brains and relatively new arrival to this world should … More Hitting A Child Is Disrespecting A Child

“I Work So My Mother Doesn’t Have To”: Tackling Child Labour In India

“Main isliye kama rahi hu, taaki maa ko mehnat na karni pade (I am earning, so that my mother doesn’t have to),” said Prerna, who is the daughter of a domestic worker and has been working ever since she was 10. She is based out of Mumbai and did go to school. However, her circumstances were … More “I Work So My Mother Doesn’t Have To”: Tackling Child Labour In India


On June 28th 2015, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched #SelfieWithDaughter on Twitter. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of gender imbalances and encouraged the parents to give importance to their daughters. Within a few hours, Twitter was flooded with selfies of fathers and daughters using #SelfieWithDaughter.  The campaign created a buzz and everyone spoke … More Unwanted!


Statistics point to a significant (and horrifying) rise of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) during the past two years since the outbreak of the pandemic. Isolated, and often locked indoors with the perpetrators (who are more often than not family or close relatives) children have had no access to help or escape. The responsibility and onus … More Veritas

Imagine Butterflies

(Written from the perspective of a child who has experienced abuse) I close my eyes and imagine butterflies  As you ravage my fragile frame My beautiful colors weep and seep out, splattered across the canvas   In the pull and push of your dirty desire. My tiny hands struggle and writhe  Trying to shake away the … More Imagine Butterflies