Blood in your mouth

If you are a foodie and love Indian street food, here is a simple trivia “What is poked, dipped and served, that is crunched, slurped and munched?” If you answered “Paani Puri”, you are right! ………Good going. Now, let me ask you another question – What are the various flavors in which this dish is … More Blood in your mouth

A Diminishing Ray of Hope

‘‘Reena’’, called my maid, yelling at her daughter; Skinny, dark and mute, running she came to her mother. Barely thirteen, humble submissive, silently she stood; Screamed my maid and violently struck her good. The poor wretched girl, quietly weeping, sat down washing dishes; Bearing the burn of the soap on her hand having stitches. ‘‘Mamta … More A Diminishing Ray of Hope

Accomplices in complicity- that’s how bad gets worse

Every year, hundreds of children from remote villages in the country move to urban areas in search of better livelihood, some as young as five. Among city folk, helpers at home are more to do with augmenting social standings, as if to appear endowed abundantly and not having to bother about menial tasks. Back home, … More Accomplices in complicity- that’s how bad gets worse