Life on Earth

A call to fasten the lazy leaden steps –That claims to starve the plummeting glut of mankind,Oh foolish little earth child, we ain’t doing enough.If we did a little more, things would be different, but tis what I now see. Sun glows behind the ashen clouds, peonies covered in dripping mist. Cuckoos call, fawns drink, … More Life on Earth

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

In 1932, through the Poona Pact D. B.R Ambedkar first established act of “reservation” that granted separate electorates for the minorities and depressed social classes. Along with the steadfast justice that this move offered came all the doubts and misinformation that will follow every act of social justice through the years. ‘Reservation’ has extended to … More “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”