Karnan’s Double-Edged Dalit Imagination

Sometime last month I got to watch the much-awaited movie Karnan by Mari Selvaraj. The movie as a whole fascinated me and got me thinking about my own identity. I loved the energy each character brought to the scenes especially the grandmother who I thought was simply brilliant. The cinematography and the background score were creative as … More Karnan’s Double-Edged Dalit Imagination

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

In 1932, through the Poona Pact D. B.R Ambedkar first established act of “reservation” that granted separate electorates for the minorities and depressed social classes. Along with the steadfast justice that this move offered came all the doubts and misinformation that will follow every act of social justice through the years. ‘Reservation’ has extended to … More “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being

POV: I’m at your home, and I look around. Everything seems great; surrounded by loved ones, easy access to things I need, comfortable in my space, unbothered and content.  POV: I step outside, within my block. Pleased with my neighborhood, friends like family, amicable acquaintances, weather seems perfect and no qualms, whatsoever. POV: I have … More Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being

Are we equals?

Not too long ago, we went on a trip to Velankanni. The trip was great, but the weather was horrible, and it rained for 2 days out of 3. Post our trip we were invited to a village not far from Nagapattinam. The locals were very hospitable and welcomed us heartily. On the whole, we … More Are we equals?


I am more than what you see Definitely more than what you seek I am more than just a mother Or the caretaker of my OCD stricken brother I am more than a caring daughter And more than a contributing partner I am more than a puppet who you wish would fit in the mould … More I AM ENOUGH