Statistics point to a significant (and horrifying) rise of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) during the past two years since the outbreak of the pandemic. Isolated, and often locked indoors with the perpetrators (who are more often than not family or close relatives) children have had no access to help or escape. The responsibility and onus … More Veritas


Writer became finer than Carver Thinker higher than Doer And Speaker more than Thinker Stories that salaries tell The Great one gave a piece of Self to All  You are All equal, unique and precious This Piece Holder and That Piece Holder…still racing to hell 9to5 pays, more work more pay Those making lunch boxes … More Somehow

Are we equals?

Not too long ago, we went on a trip to Velankanni. The trip was great, but the weather was horrible, and it rained for 2 days out of 3. Post our trip we were invited to a village not far from Nagapattinam. The locals were very hospitable and welcomed us heartily. On the whole, we … More Are we equals?

Embrace. Admire. Preserve

This art work was the result of an online art residency that was conducted in collaboration with ADF under their initiative called save_our_vanishinggirls Art created by Bernard Cargay cargayb The message of my artwork is focused on countering ‘Fear’ with ‘Love’. When our hearts and minds are ruled with ‘Fear’ the outcome always results in an ‘Oppressive … More Embrace. Admire. Preserve

Imagine Butterflies

(Written from the perspective of a child who has experienced abuse) I close my eyes and imagine butterflies  As you ravage my fragile frame My beautiful colors weep and seep out, splattered across the canvas   In the pull and push of your dirty desire. My tiny hands struggle and writhe  Trying to shake away the … More Imagine Butterflies

Animal Testing

Why it is an injustice and should be stopped. Trigger warning – Abuse, explicit What is animal testing? Animal testing refers to the procedures performed on living animals for the purpose of research into basic biology. It seeks to gather more information on a particular species and add to the current scientific knowledge. Animal testing … More Animal Testing