Animal Testing

Why it is an injustice and should be stopped. Trigger warning – Abuse, explicit What is animal testing? Animal testing refers to the procedures performed on living animals for the purpose of research into basic biology. It seeks to gather more information on a particular species and add to the current scientific knowledge. Animal testing … More Animal Testing

Why is law so important? What’s the fuss all about?

Why is law so important? What’s the fuss all about? Well to begin with let’s go back to Frederic Bastiat’s classic essay, “The Law.” First published in 1850 by the great French economist and journalist, it is as clear a statement as has ever been made of the original ideal of government, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, … More Why is law so important? What’s the fuss all about?

Subjective Justice

Justice, I believe is very subjective in our country. The understanding that Justice is about the realisation of one’s basic liberty and right to equal status and representation in society, as John Rawls put it, does not find meaning in our clearly defined and demarcated communities. The debates about the existence of high rates of … More Subjective Justice