Abuse of Women 

Abuse of Women is a serious crime. While there have been a lot of cases which have come up to the court, the most recent and famous case was that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. While we do not know all the nitty-gritties of the case, the court which was handling the case has … More Abuse of Women 

Should Women Fight?

Women in India’s Armed Forces Delivering his Independence Day address in 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced opening the gates of Sainik Schools in every state for girls. Sainik Schools are like regular schools preparing students for their school-leaving exams except that there is a lot of emphasis on sports, physical fitness, and the cultivation … More Should Women Fight?

Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being

POV: I’m at your home, and I look around. Everything seems great; surrounded by loved ones, easy access to things I need, comfortable in my space, unbothered and content.  POV: I step outside, within my block. Pleased with my neighborhood, friends like family, amicable acquaintances, weather seems perfect and no qualms, whatsoever. POV: I have … More Not As a Daughter, Not As a Wife But As a Human Being

Embrace. Admire. Preserve

This art work was the result of an online art residency that was conducted in collaboration with ADF under their initiative called save_our_vanishinggirls Art created by Bernard Cargay cargayb The message of my artwork is focused on countering ‘Fear’ with ‘Love’. When our hearts and minds are ruled with ‘Fear’ the outcome always results in an ‘Oppressive … More Embrace. Admire. Preserve


Victims do not stay in a relationship of domestic violence because they want to or choose to. Statistics say that 95% women experience domestic violence. The severity and frequency of this abuse or the trauma caused by the attacker very often increases and suicide could become the potential outcome in such situations. The trauma affects … More Home

The Violent Materialization of Caste in Indian Matchmaking

Sometime in the middle of 2020 the Netflix show Indian Matchmaking became a social phenomenon taking the internet by storm, and rightfully so for all the wrong reasons. It should not be difficult for a viewer to notice dominant-caste and upper-class people on the show legitimating themselves by promoting beliefs and values congenial to them. … More The Violent Materialization of Caste in Indian Matchmaking