The Stubborn Parasite : Sale of Grooms aka the system of Dowry

“Marriage”, is a word that brings joy and happiness, but it comes sounding as an alarm to any Indian Father who has a  daughter to be married off.  The dowry system in India perpetuates the concept of the girl’s parents sending gold, money, vehicles, residences, and other material possessions to the boy’s family, in exchange … More The Stubborn Parasite : Sale of Grooms aka the system of Dowry

Just let her be.

She is pink, she is pale,He is rich, he is hale,Grooms and bridegrooms –Are for sale. Bed, almira, fridge, car,Forty once, fifty thrice,He was sold nicely priced. Years passed, tortured for more,T’was not love, mere greed.Soul butchered, there she lay. Customs, traditions, relatives didn’t save,A transaction indenture left,Burning brides, dying parents’ pride. Trauma, depression, suicide,Are … More Just let her be.

Water! Water!

When the world began, the first Elements were separated – Water. Land. Air. Still our lives these attach us to our Mother Earth. The umbilical cord cannot be severed lightly, For pulsing through it is life itself. Water. Water! The last cry from the lips of those dying of thirst. When the colonial powers taxed … More Water! Water!


You can cage the singer, but not the song. you can douse the embers, but the ashes are hot. The dancer is still, but the dance lingers in the heart, in the mind’s eye. the wind carries the sound of the dirge,  but the clouds see from aloft. They weep at the sight of the … More Red

@MeToo In The Light Of “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”

The 23-year-old Jyoti Singh from New Delhi had been gang raped in a moving bus in 2012. She later succumbed to her injuries. “I want to survive,” she had written on a piece of paper she handed to her doctors. The Supreme Court decision upholding the death sentence of the rapists is yet to be … More @MeToo In The Light Of “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”