Violence Against Migrant Workers: Invisible No More

Migrant workers form a very large part of India’s vast unorganized sector which constitutes about 93% percent of the country’s total workforce according to the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE). Their entry into the labour market is marked with several challenges including a lack of critical skills, knowledge of their rights and bargaining power that results in exploitative labour arrangements that … More Violence Against Migrant Workers: Invisible No More


The Hebrew word for ‘Justice’ has two connotations. The first is mishpat,  which means to treat every person equitably and give each person their due, whether it be-wages, food or love. The second term is tzadeqah and it means that an individual should treat every person in their family and society with “fairness, generosity, and … More PURSUING JUSTICE

Dear India

Hope you’re fine. Or hope you are able to survive. I have been hearing countless stories of lynching and rapes. And I shudder to think what you have been going through. In the day and age that I was born in your land, everything was so serene. Okay, this isn’t about how I feel. I … More Dear India