The Plight And Rights Of Dalit Students In School Campuses

This is the first part of the three-part series on ‘casteism in educational spaces’ as a part of the Justicemakers’ Writer’s Training Program, run in partnership with Agami and Ashoka’s Law For All Initiative. You can find the first part here. Trigger warning: casteism __ The Dalit community is one of the most marginalised and disadvantaged ones in India. The … More The Plight And Rights Of Dalit Students In School Campuses

Sairat, An Account of Dalit Trauma

Resmaa Menakem, in his fascinating book My Grandmother’s Hands, writes, “Whenever one group oppresses, victimizes, brutalizes, or marginalizes another, many of the victimized people may suffer trauma, and then pass on that trauma response to their children as standard operating procedure… When the trauma continues for generation after generation, it is called historical trauma.” Menakem’s … More Sairat, An Account of Dalit Trauma

Innovation For Solving Nepal’s Pressing Issues

Located in South Asia, the landlocked country of Nepal is situated between India and Tibet and has been a refuge for people from many linguistic and ethnic backgrounds for generations. It is also home to some of the highest peaks in the world, right from the majestic Everest to the breathtaking Cho Oyu.  While the … More Innovation For Solving Nepal’s Pressing Issues


So, I was on my way back from work with a friend and we were snacking on something together. I chose to keep the wrapper in the bag, head home and then bin it. But my friend chose the road as her dustbin. Well, what can I say?  She said, ‘Hey give me the wrapper … More Toxic.

Justicemakers Writer’s Training Program

Youth Ki Awaaz is back with its award-winning Writers Training Program that has trained over 3000 young people in critical skills of writing, research, interview and effective communication – in a new avatar, to equip young changemakers with creative problem-solving skills to achieve justice. The new Justicemakers Writer’s Training Program is being run by YKA … More Justicemakers Writer’s Training Program

Bharatanatyam dancer barred from performing in Kerala temple as she is non-Hindu

“I got the call from an artist for the programme. Then fixed my programme and at least six times communicated for photographs and other things through an email before they printed the invite with my name and picture. They even congratulated me after going through my testimonials. If they had such a norm, they could … More Bharatanatyam dancer barred from performing in Kerala temple as she is non-Hindu

Violence Against Migrant Workers: Invisible No More

Migrant workers form a very large part of India’s vast unorganized sector which constitutes about 93% percent of the country’s total workforce according to the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MOLE). Their entry into the labour market is marked with several challenges including a lack of critical skills, knowledge of their rights and bargaining power that results in exploitative labour arrangements that … More Violence Against Migrant Workers: Invisible No More

Should Women Fight?

Women in India’s Armed Forces Delivering his Independence Day address in 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced opening the gates of Sainik Schools in every state for girls. Sainik Schools are like regular schools preparing students for their school-leaving exams except that there is a lot of emphasis on sports, physical fitness, and the cultivation … More Should Women Fight?

Karnan’s Double-Edged Dalit Imagination

Sometime last month I got to watch the much-awaited movie Karnan by Mari Selvaraj. The movie as a whole fascinated me and got me thinking about my own identity. I loved the energy each character brought to the scenes especially the grandmother who I thought was simply brilliant. The cinematography and the background score were creative as … More Karnan’s Double-Edged Dalit Imagination